CCTV Chimney Inspection - Keeps Your Home & Your Family Safe

A ‘Healthy’ Chimney is a crucial element when it comes to the health and safety of your home and family, so you can be assured no dangerous fumes or gases such as Carbon Monoxide are leaking into your home. It is vitally important to ensure the Chimney in your home is in good working condition, particularly if it is used often or after an extended period of non-use. The CCTV Camera Survey will detect other issues such as Chimney blockages from badly installed liners, debris build-up, bird nests or extensive tarring. It is also a wise decision to investigate the condition of the Chimney and Flue prior to purchasing a home. You can read more about our Pre PurchaseHome Buyers Survey HERE.

The Survey is invaluable if:


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

One of the most dangerous risks associated with problematic Chimneys is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Blocked Chimneys or Flues can cause dangerous amounts of Carbon Monoxide to build up in your home. This deadly gas is known as ‘THE SILENT KILLER’. It is colourless and odourless, so it is highly dangerous.


Taking preventative measures such as a CCTV Chimney Survey can go a long way to give you peace of mind when it comes to your safety and the safety of your family. We use full High Definition cameras to give you the best picture possible.

Our cameras can be inserted up the chimneys from the fireplaces or stoves and can inspect every part of the chimney right up to the chimney top. Our cameras can identify cracking or damage to the flues in addition to determining the type of flues.

If it’s a case that the camera cannot be inserted up the chimney, we will then carry out the survey from the chimney top on the roof, lowering the camera down to the fireplace or stove.

Installing A New Stove

More and more home owners are opting to replace the more traditional fireplace with a more up to date ‘wood burning stove’ or similar appliance.

If you are changing to a different heating appliance, it is recommended that you have a Chimney Survey carried out first; to assess the condition of the flue.

There is no point in investing money in a new stove to only find out after installation that you have problems with the Chimney!

How long does a Chimney Survey take?

It takes approximately one hour from start to finish, however in cases where we have to access the Chimney from the roof area, this can take longer. All our surveys are recognised by Insurance companies, and we have no vested interest in the results of the Chimney Survey. Once the survey has been carried out, a full written report and a DVD of the Chimney Survey is then made available for you.

Insurance Claims

If you have placed an Insurance claim to recover the cost of Chimney repairs, your Insurance company is likely to request a CCTV Chimney Survey. Our CCTV Chimney Survey will provide you with a full written survey report as well as DVD footage to support your claim.

Keep your Chimney & Family Safe

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