CCTV Camera Survey

A CCTV Camera Survey is a method of drain testing using a CCTV camera to view the internal condition of a pipe or other chambers. Insurance companies, engineers and home buyers regularly request Independent Drain Testing to provide a CCTV Drain Inspection.

The CCTV Camera Survey is to identify any existing issues, the cause of any issues discovered or as a preventative measure. It allows us to identify potential faults before they become a problem, this is invaluable particularly before you make that all-important new home purchase!

The CCTV Drain Testing method involves inserting a small camera with a light, into the drains. This apparatus records the images from the operative onto a DVD, which you will receive ( by email if preferred), at no extra cost, so you get to see exactly what we see while doing the drain test.

You can see a sample of the footage here, which reveals a rubber seal jammed between 2 PVC pipes found during a CCTV survey.

Advantages Of CCTV Survey


Once a problem is discovered during the CCTV Camera Survey, we can then trace the drain and locate the exact problem spot using our Drain Tracing locating devices.

Once the camera survey is complete, we provide a diagram and a report, including a copy of the video footage captured during the inspection.

CCTV Camera Surveying can also be used to remove objects from pipes and with Hydrostatic Testing we can identify the locations of leaks.

* Image shows Dan of Independent Drain Testing Ltd, tracing a drain with locating device to determine the exact location of a problem uncovered during a CCTV Camera Survey.

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