Drain Clearing

Drain clearing and problem-solving is a service provided by Independent Drain Testing on a regular basis. Blocked drains are a common everyday issue in households. If your drains are blocked or maybe you get a bad smell from your drains, we are here to help and can have normal service resumed in no time at all!

Blockages in drains can occur for a number of reasons such as:


Other problems experienced by households are offensive smells in bathrooms. Again this is a common problem and should always be investigated; the problem may result from access junctions being partially or fully blocked. We can investigate the problem, find the source and eliminate the offending odours.

You would be surprised at what we find in drains

You would be surprised at what we find causing problems in drains. This footage was taken whilst carrying out a CCTV Camera Survey of a clay pipe (in Dublin) connecting to a gully. Don’t worry he wasn’t harmed, at the end of the footage he swims around the gully trap to freedom!

Independent Drain Testing