Hydrostatic Drain Test

Hydrostatic Drain Testing is a drain test used to identify any water leakage in drainage systems. This type of test is invaluable because if water is escaping undetected from defective drains it can cause significant damage to structures, leading to all sorts of serious problems. Over time it can weaken the bearing capacity of the ground and if this happens close to the foundations of the home you are about to purchase, or currently live in, it can lead to subsidence.

This is just one of the reasons we recommend all home buyers to consider our PRE-PURCHASE HOME BUYERS TEST.

Hydrostatic Drain Test Process…

The Hydrostatic Drain Testing process involves plugging both ends of the pipeline and filling up the section of pipeline with water. By isolating the drain system one section at a time, we can identify any faults.

Once your Hydrostatic Drain Test is complete, a full drain report is sent to you. This includes a report to identify the location of manholes, access junctions and inlets into the system along with a basic sketch of same.

Hydrostatic Drain Testing also informs as to whether one or two drainage systems are in place and the direction of the water flow. This is information your engineer needs to know.

Regulation & FAQ

It is more environmentally friendly to have 2 drainage systems and new regulation states that all ‘grey water’(from the utility, kitchen and bathroom waste) must enter the septic or bio-cycle system if a public waste water treatment communal system is not in place.

You can download our ‘Wastewater Treatment Systems Frequently Asked Questions’ to find out more.

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