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A drains test is a test performed to determine the condition of the storm and foul (sewer) pipes.

Peoples reasons vary; house buyers do not want to buy someone else’s problems. A drain test may highlight problems such as blocked pipes and leakages in the pipes. Also, a drains test may find the cause of any offending smells and source the cause of any cracking in houses. Furthermore, new houses are not exempt from drain problems. Independent drain testing retrieved 51 drain rods from a newly built house. The house buyers stated that the drains had been blocking up consistently from the day it was purchased.

The cost depends on:
– the size of the house
– the location
– what services are required by the engineer if applicable.
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An engineer would usually advise you to get a drain test if problems exist, or alternatively if you are experiencing blocked pipes or other drainage issues.

There are 2 main systems we need to look at.
1. The foul system
2. The storm system

Some of the main reasons for pipes blocking up in the foul system:
– foreign matter entering the system such as wipes and similar material
– cooking fat may also be a contributing factor.

The storm system should only have rain and surface water entering the storm system.

YES, for sure. Even if there is only one small problem with your drains it may lead to major problems if left unresolved. Generally, problems do not rectify themselves and it may be a costly exercise to have drains unblocked on a regular basis. Additionally having the problem identified and fixed may lead to great peace of mind.

A home buyer’s drain test would normally consist of 2 or more tests:
1. A Hydrostatic drain test
2. A CCTV camera survey

Other tests that may be included are a water service test and heating test.

These tests are normally performed prior to the signing of contracts. As part of the service, Independent drain testing will organise the collection of house keys and assist in organising appointments between engineers, clients, insurance companies, insurance assessors and estate agents.

We always provide a comprehensive report of the test carried out and a basic sketch of the layout. This can be sent to you immediately via email or a DVD can be posted on request with details of the report.

 The time involved in carrying out a drain test depends on the size of the house and the tests required. The majority of drain tests would take between two and three hours.

The reports are prepared the morning following the test and, once payment has been received, the reports can be available to view on email immediately.

In the majority of cases, your insurance company will not cover a drain test. An engineer or an insurance assessor would be the person to advise you further on this matter.

Yes. Independent Drain testing carries out drain tests and CCTV camera surveys for insurance companies on a regular basis. Also, Independent Drain testing has occasionally been asked to verify in court other contractors test findings.

Independent drain testing does not carry out full drain replacements or repairs due to the independent nature of the company. However if requested by the client Independent drain testing may provide contact numbers of individuals and companies who have proved to be trustworthy and reliable.

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