Home Buyers Pre-Purchase Inspection - Don't purchase someone else's problems!

Our Home buyers ‘Pre Purchase’ Inspection, can save you a lot of time, hassle and money! We offer detailed pre-purchase home inspections in Cork as well as Nationwide. We offer 2 different levels of detail:  We have Basic & Premium packages available. (Please see the detailed breakdown for each package below.)

So Why Invest In a Pre-Purchase Home Buyers Inspection?

There are a number of reasons to invest in a pre-purchase home survey, one of them being house buyers do not want to buy someone else’s problems, so PEACE OF MIND is a top priority when making one of the most important investments of your life.

For example, A Drains Test may highlight problems such as blocked pipes and leakages in the pipes. Also, a Drains test may find the cause of any offending smells and source the cause of any ‘cracks’ in the building or leaking drains which could lead to subsidence.

A Chimney Survey can reveal any cracking or damage to the flues, which could have been caused by past chimney fires. One of the most dangerous risks associated with chimney problems is Carbon Monoxide poisoning, so this test can be invaluable!

Furthermore, remember new houses are not exempt from drain problems. Independent Drain Testing retrieved 51 drain rods from a newly built house. The house buyers stated that the drains had been blocking up consistently from the day it was purchased!

Basic Pre-Purchase Package

When you are purchasing a new home, it is a wise investment to have the drainage systems of the property professionally checked out before you make that investment, it pays to know what you are buying!

Our Basic Home Buyers Inspection includes the following:

(1) Full Hydrostatic Drain Test
(2) CCTV Drain Survey

This gives you a complete overview of the condition and integrity of the Drains systems in your new property, so you can purchase with peace of mind!

Premium Pre-Purchase Package

Our Signature Premium Home Buyers Inspection, also referred to as our ‘Peace Of Mind Premium Package’ is the ultimate pre-purchase survey.  This is a detailed comprehensive analysis to give you complete peace of mind when buying a home.

Our Premium Home Buyers Inspection includes the following:

(1) Full Hydrostatic Drain Test
(2) CCTV Drain Survey
(3) Water Service Test – to investigate any potential leaks in the mains water pipe entering the house
(4) Heating Test
(5) Plumbing Test

What do you get when the inspection is complete?

The DVD footage will show you exactly what we see during your tests. We can post the DVD to you, or alternatively, you can arrange to pick this up at the office once it is ready. We also offer after hours test results collection service if required.

Septic Tank Inspections are also available.

Please call us to discuss your needs, so we can assess the type of Pre-Purchase House Inspection best suited to your requirements.

Complimentary Key Collection Service

You don’t even have to be at the test location, we can pick up the key and carry out the tests for you. We have a 1-day turnaround from the test date, so you will know as quickly as possible if you are purchasing a ‘problem’ or not!

What Our Customers Say

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Avoid Subsidence ... a great reason to get a Pre-Purchase Survey!

One of the main causes of subsidence in structures is water escaping from leaking drains or other water services. If water is escaping undetected from defective drains, it can cause significant damage to structures, as seen here. Investing in a pre-purchase house survey ensures you are aware of these kinds of issues and helps you avoid buying someone else’s problem!

Independent Drain Testing