Septic Tank Inspection

Septic Tank Inspections are carried out to inspect the integrity of a septic tank. Septic Tank Inspections are also regularly carried out as part of our pre-purchase ‘HOME BUYERS TEST’. This inspection enables us to assess the condition of a septic tank and to ensure all the necessary parts are present and in good working order.

The Benefits Of A Septic Tank Inspection

The outlet from the septic tank should have clear clean water exiting the tank. Sometimes when a septic tank is being emptied, it is a possibility that the operator emptying the tank could knock off one of the baffles without realising it.

If the outlet of the septic tank has no baffle, then the tank fills up and all the sewage goes in to the soakage area – which then blocks up and can then result in having to change the soak pit or drainage area completely, as the sewage cannot be ‘removed’.

Note: Details about domestic waste water treatment systems are outlined in our free downloadable FAQ report.

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Schematic Of A Septic Tank

A septic tank has an inlet and outlet and needs to have a ‘ Baffle’ on each side, in order to handle the sewage correctly as shown here in the diagram.

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